Feb 20, 2015

Report of wake ceremony for late board member Dr Obata

A Wake ceremony for Dr Obata who passed away on Sunday November 16, 2014 was held in Tokyo on Friday January 30, 2015.

The ceremony was attended by 170 mourners from PSS related businesses and former colleagues from ABBOTT JAPAN.

The family of the deceased attended this ceremony of which Ikeda Executive Director was the chair. President Tajima, Executive Director Akimoto, and PSS Member and former working colleagues gave a memorable recollection of Dr Obata's life through pictures and stories.

Late Dr Obata is best remembered as the person who founded PSS world wide business network. All PSS members should not only appreciate his achievement of developing our WW business, but also repay it through social contribution by leveraging our technology.
PSS has much to offer the WW market in the field of early diagnostics, tailor made medical treatments and forensics largely due to the contributions of Dr Obata.

All PSS members reaffirm our determination to work as one for our business development.

We thank Dr Obata and his family for their close association during his lifetime, and offer our heartfelt appreciation.

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