May 08, 2015

Fully automated Molecular Diagnostic System "geneLEAD® XII plus" is now used by Health care service provider in Thailand

PSS have installed "geneLEAD XII plus" which is developing for diagnostic research purpose at N Health Co.,Ltd in Bangkok Thailand. As well as instrument, the reagent "MagDEA Dx SV" for DNA/RNA extraction which is developed in PSS and manufactured by Odate Reagent Center, have been used for molecular diagnostic in clinical field.

N Health is one of the largest Health care service provider in Thailand and has many laboratories which are major medical diagnostic facilities in South East Asia.
PSS collaborated with Dr. Thaweesak Tirawatnapong at Bio Molecular Laboratory which is molecular diagnostic department of N Health, will conduct evaluation of geneLEAD XII plus and MagDEA Dx SV in combination with real-time PCR method for detecting pathogens in sample which are developed by Dr Tirawatnapong's laboratory. The result of evaluation will not only prove the effectiveness of our fully automated molecular diagnostic system; geneLEAD XII plus and MagDEA Dx SV, but also contribute to expand our business by new products with reagent in Asia Market where is growing market.

20150508_01 20150508_02

(Left side on the photo: Dr. Thaweesak Tirawatnapong)

Dr. Thaweesak Tirawatnapong comments for geneLeadXII from user point of view as following comment;

"The geneLEAD XII was installed in our BioMolecular Laboratory recently is very useful for our laboratory in many aspects. The fully-automated geneLEAD XII is very flexible and very fast as it can speed up our routine work in molecular diagnostic by shorten the turn around time of the test from 6 hours to 2-3 hours This faster turn around time from sample to result is a true benefit for patients and our customer.
Most of fully-automated PCR instrument in the market are closed system, all reagents and test menu is pre-packed and designed by manufacturer but GeneLead system is opened in PCR set up section which is very flexible and convenient for researcher or laboratory to develop their own tests. For our Laboratory, we changed our nested PCR to real-time PCR using geneLEAD XII real-time PCR instrument.
geneLEAD XII system is very sensitive when compared to others real-time PCR instument. The instrument can detect very low copy number of pathogen in clinical specimen especially viruses.This sensitive properties will evolutionize viral load detection in many viral infection diseases in the near future."

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