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Aug 08, 2013

PSS and LG Life Sciences enter into a Supply and Distribution Agreement for PSS's "geneLEAD", a fully automated, sample-to-result system for NAT

Matsudo, Japan, August 8, 2013- Precision System Science, Co., Ltd. (PSS) has entered into a Supply and Distribution Agreement with LG Life Sciences, Ltd. (LGLS) of Korea regarding the supply and distribution of PSS's "geneLEAD" system, a fully automated sample-to-result system for NAT (Nucleic acid amplification tests).

PSS has profound experience in automated DNA extraction as represented by its patented Magtration technology. Using this foundation in the molecular diagnostics field, PSS has successfully developed the "geneLEAD" system, a simplified, small footprint and yet high performance automated sample-to-result system for NAT.

The "geneLEAD" system has broad applicability in DNA and RNA diagnostic testing and according to the Supply and Distribution Agreement, the "geneLEAD" system is expected to be used with PCR reagents prepared by LGLS.


Press Releases
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