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Sep 24, 2013

PSS and Roche enter into a new Development Agreement concerning emPCR Automation Instrument to be developed by PSS

Matsudo, Japan, September 24, 2013- Precision System Science, Co., Ltd. (PSS) has agreed with Roche on a Development Agreement for an emPCR Automation Instrument to be manufactured by PSS for Roche's GS Junior platform. According to this agreement, PSS will develop and launch the emPCR Automation Instrument branded by PSS by the end of 2014.

"The importance of automated sample preparation for the sequencing market is well understood by the both PSS and Roche," said Hideji Tajima/President, PSS. "The collaborations between PSS and Roche to develop a fully automated workflow for next generation sequencing platforms has been adapted from earlier this year. With the newly agreed framework, we will offer another opportunity to meet market demand for simplifying the most time consuming and complicated emPCR workflow tasks."

Under the new agreement, PSS will develop its own emPCR Automation Instrument with its innovative technologies to promote greater use of advanced sequencing systems.

Press Releases
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