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Aug 08, 2014

PSS and Roka Bioscience enter into an OEM Agreement on Development of Automated Molecular Diagnostics System

Matsudo, Japan, August 8, 2014- Precision System Science, Co., Ltd. (PSS) has agreed with Roka Bioscience, Inc., (Roka) on an OEM Agreement for developing automated molecular diagnostics system and disposables which are used with the instrument. According to this agreement, PSS will develop and manufacture the fully automated molecular detection system.

"We, both PSS and Roka, understand the importance of a compact automated molecular diagnostic system for the food testing market," said Hideji Tajima, PSS President. "The collaborations between PSS and Roka to develop a compact System could meet growing market demand for easy to use instrument in the food testing market where complicated and time-consuming works are most often required. Roka is an emerging player in the globally $2 billion food test market, which, consisting of food safety, food quality and food chemistry market, is rapidly growing as consumers and regulators become more keen to ingredients of food and its quality as globalization of food procurement progresses."

Under the agreement, PSS will develop the instrument as well as plastic disposables for Roka with its innovative & time-proven technologies, including Magtration® technology. Providing the compact and easy to use food testing system, PSS hopes to promote greater use of advanced molecular detection system in the market.

(About PSS)

Precision Systems Science, Co., Ltd , located at Matsudo, Japan, is a leading global provider of laboratory instruments for nucleic acid extraction. The company specializes in the development and production of automated instruments. As an original equipment manufacturer, PSS is also a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments and components that are then distributed by partner companies. Founded as a maintenance and service company for clinical laboratory instruments in 1985, the company has manufacturing, research and development sites in Japan and maintains sales and service networks in the US and Europe.

Registered shares of PSS are traded on the JASDAQ under ticker code "7707".

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(About Magtration®)

Magtration® is a term we newly created, of which derived from abbreviating "Magnetic Filtration" to automate the reaction process of magnetic particles. This is time proven & patented technology for DNA fully automated DNA extractors in the field of molecular diagnostic and supplies those systems/instruments to worldwide market through OEM partners.

What's Magtration® Technology?

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Press Releases
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