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Jan 06, 2015

PSS and ELITechGroup reach OEM Agreement on "geneLEAD XII" a fully automated, sample-to-result, Real-Time PCR system.

Matsudo, Japan and Paris, France, January 6, 2015 - Precision System Science, Co., Ltd. (PSS) and The ELITech Group (ELITech) jointly announce that the companies have extended their relationship into a Development and Supply Agreement. Under an exclusive OEM arrangement, PSS will develop and supply "geneLEAD XII" instrument, a fully automated Real-Time PCR analyzer, on which ELITech's ELITe MGB Real -Time PCR technology is optimized and implemented, along with extraction reagents and plastics disposables. ELITech will exclusively distribute the OEM products worldwide in the human in vitro diagnostic market under the name of ELITech's "ELITe InGenius".

PSS has profound experience in automated DNA extraction as represented by its patented Magtration® technology. PSS has extended its leadership position with the development of fully automated sample-to-result Real-Time PCR analyzers. By combining its own technologies with PCR and multi-fluorescence assay detection technologies, PSS has successfully developed compact and simplified yet high performance automated Real-Time PCR analyzers. PSS has developed an efficient straight-line prefilled cartridge for extraction and PCR reagents as well.

ELITech has a broad array of proven PCR assays currently in use across the world for in vitro diagnostic analysis on open systems. These assays take advantage of ELITech's intellectual property portfolio which includes the Minor Groove Binder (MGB), modified bases, and novel fluorophores. The panel of assays covers a broad spectrum of tests for infectious disease, oncology and human genetics applications. The geneLEAD system has broad applicability in DNA and RNA diagnostic testing for such areas as infectious disease, oncology, and human genetic testing. "ELITe InGenius" is expected to be used for human in vitro diagnostic tests and the PSS and ELITech products are well matched and will provide a wide portfolio of diagnostic tests.

"This agreement brings together the skills, capabilities and technologies of two rapidly growing companies in the nucleic acid analysis market. The combination of PSS's Magtration technology and PSS development skills with the broad menu of tests developed by ELITech will allow the companies a unique opportunity to address the growing global automated Molecular Diagnostics market" said Mike Saunders, CEO of ELITech. Merl Hoekstra, ELITech's Molecular Diagnostics Business Unit head added "ELITech will leverage the PSS platform initially in the Transplant market where today fully automated solutions are somewhat limited. ELITech also sees significant growth opportunities in other diagnostics segments".

"The process of molecular diagnostic testing is complex and customer's needs are widely diverse. The right instrument, the right reagents as well as experience with these products in the field are indispensable to be successful and meet customer expectations. The agreement between PSS and ELITech provides a novel business model "geneLEAD XII" that delivers unique solutions for molecular diagnostics testing" said Hideji Tajima, President PSS.

Under the agreement, PSS will supply the instrument as well as plastic disposables and DNA extract reagents for ELITech. Providing the compact and easy to use DNA testing system, PSS hopes to promote greater use of advanced molecular detection system in the market.

About Precision System Science, Co., Ltd (PSS)

PSS, located at Matsudo, Japan, is a leading global provider of laboratory instruments for nucleic acid extraction. The company specializes in the development and production of automated instruments. As an original equipment manufacturer, PSS is also a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments and components that are then distributed by partner companies. Founded as a maintenance and service company for clinical laboratory instruments in 1985, the company has manufacturing, research and development sites in Japan and maintains sales and service networks in the US and Europe. PSS's shares are traded on the JASDAQ under ticker code 7707.

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About the ELITech Group

The ELITech Group is a privately held group of worldwide manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents. By bringing together IVD specialty companies that offer innovative products and solutions, ELITechGroup has become a major contributor in advancing clinical diagnostics to laboratories in the proximity market, those operating closer to the patient. The ELITechGroup manufactures and distributes diagnostic products for clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology though direct sales and a distribution network encompassing more than 100 countries.

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