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Magtration® 12XP

Product description

Microarray technology in the post genome research is widely prevailing as the most useful technology for development of new drugs, diagnostic markers of gene expression, discovery of mutation and SNP related to prediction and prevention of various diseases. Demand for automation of target preparation, as a way to streamline, has been increasing because of its complication and time consuming work. We realized the automation of sample preparation for microarray analysis should be improved for efficiency of researchers' work such as labor-saving and standardization of data analysis. Magtration® 12XP automates cDNA/cRNA synthesis and those purification, and also extraction of total RNA.


  • Magtration® 12XP can finish a cumbersome process that a cRNA synthesis form total-RNA in only 24-hour.
  • Easy operation by touch-screen, pre-filled reagents and dedicated consumables.
  • Can manage the IDs of samples and reagent kits by the built-in software.
  • Magtration® 12XP equip UV lamp for sterilization.
  • Support for microarray reagents of Affymetrix and Ambion.


Instrument Type Bench top size
Dimension W950mm×D715mm×H705mm
Weight About 123kg
Power AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz 680VA
Throughput Processing sample;1-12sample(6 samples/ batch)
*Depending on protocol
Heat / Cool Block Heat block; Room temperature -90°C
Cool block; 4°C- Room temperature
Handling volume 5-1000ul
Pipetting accuracy ■ME200 Tip
5ul~9ul ±10%
10ul~20ul ±5%
■DN100-N Tip
25ul~50ul ±5%
51ul~1000ul ±3%
*The pipetting accuracy above is the values which was done by Magtration® 12XP with a distilled water at room temperature.
System control Built-in PC and dedicated software
Application cDNA synthesis and purification
cRNA synthesis and purification

Reagent Kits

Product NameProduct CodePackageRemarks
cDNA Purification (12XP) E1100 48 test* cDNA purification reagent for Magtration® 12XP
MagDEA® cRNA Purification (12XP) E1101 48 test* cRNA purification reagent for Magtration® 12XP

*The reagent kit contain necessary consumables.



Product NameProduct CodePackageRemarks
Clear Tip F1301 50 pieces As additional consumables
Cover Rubber F1302 4 pieces As additional consumables
Blue Tip Box F1303 52×2 set As additional consumables
Piercing Tip PP75 F1304 50 pieces As additional consumables
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*Magtration® is a PSS patented technology which is applied in more than ten countries including Japan, the United States and Europe.

 (Japanese Patent: No.3115501; US Patent: No. 5,702,950; European Patent No.687501)

*Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science, Co., Ltd.

*Information and specifications of the products in this page are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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