Veterinary Biochemical Analysis System

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Product Description

SpeLIA. A precession, rapid result, compact, cost competitive, fully automated instrument for a wide range of animal testing. The SpeLIA uses an integrated cartridge with sample well, reaction reagents, reaction cell, dispensing tip and piercing tip reduces complexity of use. Test characteristics are contained in the SpeLIA cartridge barcode. Results are printed within 10 minutes.

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Easy operation - low complexity:
  • Transfer sample to SpeLIA cartridge
  • Place cartridge in the instrument
  • Press "Start"
Rapid test measurement. 10 min processing time depending on sample type and method
Compact bench top instrument
Prepacked SpeLIA reagents for testing CRP, SAA, FDP, D-Dimer
Low maintenance


Instrument Type Bench top biochemical analysis
Dimensions W170 × D425 × H380 mm
(6.75W × 16.75D × 15H inches)
Weight 17 kg (37 lbs)
Power AC100-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 150VA
Number of samples 1 to 4
Pipetting Unit Single nozzle
Measurement wavelength 340 to 750 nm
Metering method 1 wavelength or 2 wavelengths
Analysis method Immunologic end-point assay, Immunologic kinetic rate assay
Reaction time Approximately 10 mins / test
Reaction temperature 37 ℃
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Ordering Information

Product Name Compact Analysis system SpeLIA
Product Code D3001
Units 1
Price Contact

Extraction Kits and Consumables

Extraction Kits

  • SpeLIA Dog CRP Reagent for SpeLIA, measuring CRP in dog serum or dog plasma
  • SpeLIA SAA Reagent for SpeLIA, measuring SAA in serum or plasma
  • SpeLIA FDP Reagent for SpeLIA, measuring FDP in serum or plasma
  • SpeLIA D-Dimer Reagent for SpeLIA, measuring D-dimer in serum or plasma


Product Code Product Name Units Price Contents
G6110 Halogen lamp 1 set Contact
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