PSS Online Bio School What is a gene? (From DNA to its application)
All part of our body is made up of cells which contain genes.  We often hear about genes; yet, we hardly know what genes are and how they work.The progress in biotechnology has gradually discovered gene's structure and function. In this PSS Online Bio School, we will explain fundamental knowledge to the latest technology in genetics; such as, application in medicine.
Chapter 1 Genome and our body Chapter 2 Gene expression and protein synthesis Chapter 3 Mechanism of gene expression
Chapter 4 Genome type Chapter 5 Genomic diagnostics Chapter 6 Personalized medicine
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Masaaki Takahashi Dr. Sci.

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Ex -(Scientific Advisor, Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
Member of the board of directors, Genetein Co., Ltd.
Member of the board of directors, PSS Capital Co., Ltd.)

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M.S. in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Doctor of Science, Tohoku University

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Director, R&D, Precision System Science Ltd. (2001-2008)
Executive Managing Director, R&D, Kureha Chemical Co., Ltd. (1992-1996)
Director, Biomedical Research, Kureha Chemical Co., Ltd. (1988 - 1992)

Japan Petroleum Institute Award (1972)
Japan Chemical Industry Association Award (1995)