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FAQ about Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Business results and financial information

How do I obtain the latest reports on business results, financial information, or investors meetings?

Reports on business results (summaries of financial information and other documents) and information on investors meetings that have been issued, are uploaded to our IR Library.

When does your fiscal year end? When are investors meeting held?

Our fiscal year ends on June 30. Disclosures of financial information take place on the interim, the fiscal year end, and in each quarter. An announcement is made about 45 days after each account ends. We will publish the release date in the IR Calendar as soon as the dates are determined. For the company information session schedule, please review the IR Calendar.


Company's stock and stock certificates

What's the stock ticker code?

It's 7707.

What's the stock listed?

It's listed in the JASDAQ (Standard) market.

When were you listed on the market?

On February 28, 2001, we were listed on the NASDAQ Japan market, which was later reorganized as Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) Hercules market. Due to the merger between (OSE) Hercules and JASDAQ on October 14, 2010, PSS now is listed on JASDAQ (Standard) market.

What is the minimum number of shares for trade?

One share.

About past stock splits.

Details are as follows:
Split date/ Reference date /Ratio of split
(#1)February 20, 2002/ December 31, 2001/ 1:4
(#2) July 1, 2010/ June 30, 2010/ 1:2

How about the dividend payout system?

End of the fiscal year dividend (June 30, annually)
Mid-term dividend (December 30, annually)

Who handles transfers?

Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. Please refer to Stock Information about stock details.

About benefit programs for stockholders?

Not at this time.


General meeting of stockholders

When is the general meeting of stockholders held?

As our fiscal year ends in June, we hold the meeting in September. The schedule will be on the IR Calendar as soon as it is determined. For shareholders who have voting rights and are on the shareholder register as of June 30, we will send a notice at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.


Company profile

About company profile

Please see About PSS



How does PSS analyze the impact of yen appreciation in foreign exchange?

Highly relying on the global market, we keenly recognize the foreign exchange risk; therefore, we have agreed with major OEM partners to share the foreign exchange appreciation/ depreciation risk. We expect the exchange rate for the current fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 as 85 yen/ dollar and 110 yen/ Euro.

About the PSS' competitiveness and market share of major products

We assume that there are about 20 to 30 companies in the world that manufacture automated DNA extraction system, including major bio-diagnosis makers as well as PPS's OEM partners. We estimate that our market share for the automated DNA extraction system is roughly 50% based on our own analysis.

About the PSS advantages of PSS's technology and its products

It is the PSS's advantage over competitors that the internationally patented Magtration technology used in the automated DNA extraction system enables accurate DNA extraction in a simple apparatus and, realizing:

(1) simple and convenient operation by any one,
(2) compactness of apparatus for use anywhere, and
(3) almost maintenance-free use all over the world

SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) analysis will become more important in medical environment in the future. Does PSS have SNP analysis-related apparatuses in its products?

SNP analysis will become more important in medical diagnosis in the future, for example, in predicting adverse reactions caused by administration of a drug. It is an important development field for PSS too. See this press release for details.

Market trend of genetic tests and forecast of the demand for automated DNA extraction system

n the recent world-wide outbreak of swine-origin influenza, social recognition of genetic tests as an important test tool for infection detection was increased. Use of an automated DNA extraction system in pretreatment step is essential for rapid and accurate genetic test. Under the circumstance that the demand for genetic tests are expanding from conventional research fields to practical use such as clinical diagnosis and forensic use in police departments, the demand for the automated DNA extraction system is expected to consistently expand in the future.

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