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FAQ about Technologies and Products

Technology and products

Is there right combination of a reagent and an IC card?
Is it possible to use one IC card for two kinds of reagents?

There is a favorable combination of reagent and IC card.
Inappropriate combination may lead to malfunction and troubles of the system.
Use an IC card suitable for the reagent.

How should we clean up the system?

Clean the system by wiping it with Kimtowel® (paper towel for laboratory use) wetted with 70% ethanol. Avoid the area where electronic parts are located and where grease is coated.
*The nozzle area may have a black silicone ring coated with silicone grease, depending on the systems. Please note that the removal of the silicone grease may lead to inadequate fitting of the pipetting tip and leakage (liquid leakage).

Is the system maintenance necessary?
What should we do for apparatus cleaning?

Regular maintenance by the customer is recommended for long time and reliable use of the apparatus. For details, see the related pages in the instruction manual of each device. Paid maintenance is also available, and please contact us, if you desire.

Can we use original application?

Any protocol may be prepared, if the apparatus is an open-platform apparatus. Special-order machines are also available. Contact us for details.

Is it possible to extract nucleic acids from a sample other than whole blood?

It is possible by using MagtrationR System 6GC/12GC Plus and its dedicated nucleic acid extraction reagent to extract nucleic acids from various samples (such as cells, animal tissues, bacteria, plants and viruses) after pretreatment of the sample. Contact us for details.

What's Magtration®?

The Magtration® is a PSS's proprietary technology of handling and separating magnetic particles with a uniquely shaped tip in reactions that use magnetic particles. It is a term we newly created, of which derived from abbreviating "Magnetic Filtration". It means to separate and fractionation the substances by use of a magnet.
(See Technology [What's Magtration®?])

What's Bio-Strand®?

Bio-Strand® is a new analytical technology proposed by PSS. It performs SNP analysis and quantitative analysis of genes with a device called "Bio-Strand tip" carrying hundreds of DNA fragments for detection immobilized at a constant interval onto a plastic thread or natural resin thread (diameter: 50 to 100μm, length: 2 to 3 m). Since it is possible to do operations such as hybridization and washing only by repeating aspirating and dispensing of reagent into a tip, the system may be automated easily. (See Technology [What’s Bio-Strand®?])

What's BIST®?

BIST®, an abbreviation of "Beads array In Single Tip", is a PSS' proprietary detection method allowing simultaneous analysis (multiplex processing) of up to 18 analytes (9 SNPs in the case of SNP analysis), in which each of the beads sealed in a straw-shaped plastic tip corresponds to a particular test item.
(See Technology [BIST®])

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