Establishment: 1985 to 1994

Year Month Description
1985 July 17 Founded as a maintenance and service company for clinical laboratory instruments at Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo.
1986 September The Head Office was transferred to Fuchu-city, Tokyo.
1989 February Starting the production and sales of clinical laboratory instruments such as fractionating devices, dilution apparatuses and washing apparatuses started as PSS own products.
1991 February Matsudo Research Laboratory was founded in Matsudo, Chiba, as a research and development facility.
1993 January The Head Office was transferred to Inagi-city, Tokyo.

Turning point: Establishment of business model

  • Patent technology philosophy (Simple is Best)
  • Open alliance agreement (Business alliance strategy based on patent)

Development of automated nucleic acid extraction instrument with Magtration® technology

Magtration<sup>®</sup> System 12GC PLUS (This product is already discontinued.)

Establishment of business model: 1995 to 2000

Year Month Description
1995 June Successfully commercialized the immunochemical luminescence measuring system (HiMICO) using magnetic particles technology. The invented technology was applied for patent in various countries including Japan, U.S., and Europe, and was named "Magtration® Technology"
October Successfully commercialized the automated DNA extraction system using the Magtration® Technology.
1996 August Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with TOYOBO. Co., Ltd. (JAPAN).
1997 November Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland).
1998 December Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with Boehringer Mannheim GmbH (Germany) (currently, Roche Diagnostics Ltd. (Switzerland)).
1999 July Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with GenoVision AS (Norway) (currently, Qiagen AS).
2000 October Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with Magnetic Biosolution Sweden AB (Sweden).

Contribution to society

Oct, 1999, Japan Red Cross implemented "NAT test(Nucleic Acids Amplification test)" to donated blood for the first time in the world, and the PSS system was the answer. PSS is a leader in helping to reduce serum hepatitis incidence after transfusions.

Transition of serum hepatitis incidence after transfusion. (Effect of implementing NAT test in Japan)

Mid 1960s 50%
Late 1960s 16%
Around 1995 0.5% or less
2000 0.00034%

"Development of diagnostic technology using magnetic microparticles" CMC Publishing
From 'Monthly Bio industry 2004 August issue'

GT-X (Currently not in operation)

Initial Public Offering: 2001, Feb

Year Month Description
2001 February 28 IPO at OSE NASDAQ Japan Market (currently "JASDAQ" Market)

Capital investment and development for future growth of business: 2001 to 2007

Year Month Description
2001 April Head Office transferred to Matsudo-city, Chiba, where all facilities including Matsudo Research Laboratory were incorporated in the new office building.
July Establishment of U.S. subsidiary, PSS Bio Instruments, Inc. (currently, Precision System Science USA. Inc., California, U.S.), and European subsidiary, Precision System Science Europe GmbH (Mainz, Germany).
2002 July Establishment of a subsidiary, Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd. (Matsudo, Chiba).
August Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with QIAGEN AS (Norway) and QIAGEN GmbH (Germany) (the contract renewed with QIAGEN Instruments AG (Switzerland)).
2004 August Entered an OEM contract as for compact immunochemical luminescence measuring system with Mitsubishi Iatron Co., Ltd. (currently, LSI Medience Corp.).
2006 May Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with Invitrogen Corporation (U.S.) (currently, Life Technologies Corporation).
July Establishment of a subsidiary, PSS Capital Co., Ltd. as an investment company of PSS group, which manages Bio Contents Fund LLP.
August Entered an OEM contract as for Automated DNA extraction system and others with Beckman Coulter. Inc. (U.S.)
2007 February Entered an OEM contract as for sample purification-reaction treatment system with NanoString Technologies, Inc. (U.S.)
July Entered a domestic exclusive-sale agreement concerning automated protein purification apparatus and its reagent kit (Purelumn system) with GE Healthcare Bioscience K.K.
U.S. subsidiary PSS Bio Instruments Inc. renamed Precision System Science USA, Inc.

Application of automated DNA extraction instrument

PSS has developed and commercialized automated genetic diagnostic systems, providing a wide span of applications for customers.


Collaboration and establish an integrated manufacturing infrastructure: 2008 to now

Year Month Description
2008 April Entered a collaboration with Diagenode SA (Belgium) and Nippon Gene Co., Ltd. in development of automated system for epigenetics.
2009 September PSS invested in NPS Co., Ltd. (affiliated company accounted for by the equity method) and collaboration agreement with Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd.
Entered a sales and maintenance agreement with a U.S. clinical testing center, ARUP laboratories.
2010 October We moved to JASDAQ(Standard) Listed market.
2011 April PSS reaches an agreement with DiaSorin to develop a molecular diagnostic analyzer for LAMP.
2012 March PSS reaches Development Agreement with Abbott.
2013 April PSS and ELITech Group enter into a Joint Development, Distribution and Supply Agreement on PSS's "geneLEAD", a fully automated, sample-to-result, Real-Time PCR analyzer.
July Due to the merger between (OSE) Hercules and JASDAQ, PSS was listed on TSE JASDAQ (Standard) market.
August PSS and LG Life Sciences enter into a Supply and Distribution Agreement for PSS's "geneLEAD", a fully automated, sample-to-result system for NAT.
2014 May PSS and Roka Bioscience enter into an OEM Agreement on Development of Automated Molecular Diagnostics System.
October PSS reaches Agreement to Supply Abbott with Two Types of Sample Prep System.
November Started operation of PSS Odate Reagent Center
December PSS and ELITechGroup reach OEM Agreement on "geneLEAD XII" a fully automated, sample-to-result, Real-Time PCR system.
2015 September We moved to Mothers Listed market.
2016 June PSS obtained additional stocks of NPS Co., Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
2017 May Capital & business alliance with Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, issuance of new shares through third-party allotment.
2020 April Received a letter of appreciation from the French Ambassador to Japan for the supply of a fully automated PCR testing system.
July Received "Subsidy for Domestic Investment Promotion Project for Supply Chain Measures".
August Fully automated PCR testing system and PCR reagents for "COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)" test are launched in Japan.
2021 January Receives the NIKKEI BUSINESS DAILY Award for the Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award 2020 for the fully automated PCR testing system "ELITe InGenius" and the THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN Award 63rd New Product Award 2020 for "geneLEAD VIII".
October PSS Shinjuku Laboratory (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) is registered as a sanitation laboratory.
2022 April Moves to the Growth Market in accordance with the revision of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market classification.
July PSS Odate Reagent Center Plant No. 2 begins operations.
December PF BioLine Co., Ltd. is established as a joint venture with Ferrotec Holdings Corporation.

Established an integrated manufacturing infrastructure for instruments, consumables and reagents enabling the launch of a fully automated genetic diagnostic system.
Providing greater access to investors by trading publicly on the Mothers Stock Exchange.

  • NPS Co., Ltd.
  • Odate Reagent Center
  • Moving to Mothers listed market
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