geneLEAD XII plus

Fully Automated Sample-to-Result Instrument for Molecular Testing

Product Description

The geneLEAD XII plus is a sample-to-result instrument that automates all operations from nucleic acid extraction to amplification and detection. Primary sample detection, sonication, master mix storage, PCR set up and capping steps minimize hands-on time. Twelve independently controlled PCR channels allow customizable multiplexing. Automated barcode reading, data analysis, interpretation and LIMS connectivity define geneLEAD XII as a complete walk-away system.

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Fully Automated Sample-to-Result Instrument for Molecular Testing:
  • Sample extraction
  • PCR set up
  • Real-time PCR
  • Analysis Suite for result processing
12 independent channels with three operational modes for versatile sample processing:
  • Complete Nucleic acid extraction to qPCR
  • Nucleic acid extraction only
  • qPCR only
Robust Contamination Control:
  • Full Automation
  • Dedicated Lane for each Sample
  • Sealed Prefilled Partitioned Reagent Cartridges
  • Secured PCR capping
  • UV light decontamination
  • HEPA filter
  • Enclosed system
Parallel processing of multiple sample types with single reagent
Uses PSS extraction reagents yielding high quality nucleic acid extraction with in-tip magnetic bead processing
Open platform for qPCR and detection chemistries, designed for both lyophilized and liquid reagents
12 independently controlled thermal cyclers
6 channel fluorescence, LED excitation for real-time monitoring
Quantitative and qualitative analysis packages


Instrument Type Stand alone Sample-to-Result
Dimensions W1000 × D750 × H850 mm
(39.5W × 29.5D × 33.5H inches)
Weight 190 kg. (418 lbs.)
Power AC100-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 240VA
Number of samples 1 to 12
Temperature Control PCR Unit: 45 to 95 ℃ (12 channel independent control)
Extraction Unit: 70 to 95 ℃
Extraction Sample Volume 200 µL
PCR Reaction Volume 20 to 50 µL
Spectrometer 6 Fluorescent Channels: LED excitation, photo diode emission detection

Ordering Information

Product Name geneLEAD XII plus
Product Code A2603
Units 1
Price Contact

Extraction Kits and Consumables

Extraction Kits

  • MagDEA® Dx SV Pre-filled reagent for nucleic acid extraction from sample volume of 200 µL or 400 µL.

Consumable Kit

Product Name geneLEAD Consumable Set
Product Code F2118
Units 48 tests
Price Contact
Contents Consumables for extraction
Product Name geneLEAD PCR Cassette
Product Code F2121
Units 192 tests
Price Contact
Contents Consumables for PCR
Product Name geneLEAD Waste Box
Product Code F2125
Units 20
Price Contact
Contents Consumables for Waste Management
  • Magtration® and MagDEA® Dx are PSS patented technologies which is applied in more than ten countries including Japan, the United States and Europe.
    (Japanese Patent: No.3115501; US Patent: No.5,702,950; European Patent: No.687501)
  • Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
  • Information and specifications of the products in this page are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.


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