L x L Scanner

What is L x L Scanner?

Multiplex Detection Device "L x L Scanner"

  • Realizing that compact and fast analysis is built upon multiple core technologies;
  • PSS's fluorescence detection technology makes "Sample-to-Result" possible.

The L x L scanner was developed as a module for the fully automated sample-to-result, real-time PCR geneLEAD instrument.

The scanner is compatible with conventional Multiplex PCR and general real-time PCR assays.

Additionally, to realize "Sample-to-Result" in the clinical lab, the L x L scanner has the following characteristics.

Miniaturization and modularization: Electronic miniaturization made it possible to arrange many different excitation sources and emission detection elements in close proximity, resulting in a palm-sized optics module. This module is easy to install with common tools and does not require complicated optical settings.
High-speed reading: The patented optical fiber switching mechanism allows fluorescence measurement of up to 6 colors for 12 samples in a few seconds.
With unique data analysis technology, real-time PCR analysis is enabled even when samples are being run simultaneously with different thermal cycling conditions.

Instruments using the L x L Scanner

geneLEAD XII plus video

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