To Our Investors

Hideji TAJIMA CEO/President

PSS highly appreciates your support to us.

Here is a summary of PSS contribution to society and business prospect for the full fiscal year.

1. What is PSS contribution to society?

PSS seek to contribute to the society by expanding business in genetic diagnosis domain through developing and providing automated diagnostic products for "Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone" aiming at further utilization of genetic information.This can be realized by introducing automated instruments, on which PSS has been focused by bringing manufacturing expertise into biotechnology fields. We believe we can contribute to society through making in vitro molecular diagnostic much easier with less cost.

PSS has supplied more than 10,000 automated DNA extractors (with plastic consumables, exclusively used for the instruments) to the worldwide market as OEM products of globally respected partners. Recently, the usage of DNA extractors has expanded from R&D field to diagnostics field such as H1N1 swine flu virus detection, DNA testing for criminal investigation, etc. Those instruments were used in identifying disaster victims in the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Based on our experience in automated system and understanding of social needs, we have successfully developed original fully automated analyzers, which could diagnose ubiquitously by merely pushing a button. More practical and usable molecular diagnostics would be applied to infectious diseases like bird flu or dengue fever etc.; furthermore, it would realize personalized medicine by evaluating effectiveness and counter-effect of certain medicines for individual patients resulting in prevention of useless or harmful prescription. We are trying hard to introduce our molecular diagnostics system with reagent in the market as early as possible.

2. Business forecast for this year

Growing sales (FY 2015 Ended June 30, 2015)

Our business field is the molecular diagnostic field whose market trend is shifting from R&D or laboratory automation field to clinical diagnostic field. Considering these market trend, PSS will strategically promote fully automated DNA testing products "geneLEAD" with DNA extraction reagent for making a full-scale entry into reagent market from FY2015.

The forecast is based on assumption that 1) Sales of "geneLEAD" with DNA extraction reagent collaborated with ELITech 2) Sales of 2 types of sample preparation system for ABBOTT.
As for foreign exchange rate, we estimate as 1Euro=135 yen and 1US$=100yen.

3. Finally, responding to changes in social needs for our shareholders & investors

An aging society with fewer children is approaching for most of developed countries as typically seen in Japan. Many other countries including developing nations are quickly catching up. As a result, the social cost, such as healthcare, pension, etc. could increase further in the future; in this context, the introduction of more cost effective diagnostics system is socially demanded.

That is the reason why the business field of molecular diagnostic, where PSS has been engaged, is rapidly expanding and expected to accelerate in the near future. By understanding and evaluating how PSS technologies are most effectively applied in actual diagnostic market, we will accomplish our plan, and soon present you, our shareholders and investors, fruitful results that would meet your expectation.

We are looking forward to your continued support.

Hideji TAJIMA CEO/President Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
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