Automation Technology

Basic sample processing principles and automation systems for gene and protein analysis

Sample Preparation

Separation / Concentration, Cell disruption

  • Ultrasonic fragmentation of cells and tissues
  • Biomolecule capture (separation and concentration of aqueous sample)


DNA extraction/purification, Reagent dispensing, Total nucleic acid extraction reagent


In-tip magnetic bead separation technology, for nucleic acid extraction and other applications.

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Column Tip

Automating column chromatography and affinity purification by using a dispensing tip containing resin.

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Bellows Tip

The Bellows Tip is used instead of expensive syringe pipettes and conventional filter tips. Molded into one completely enclosed pipet tip with pump, the disposable 'Bellows Tip' can handle large volumes with no risk for run-to-run contamination.

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New Technology

Wide range cylinder exclusive for Magtration®

A highly adjustable pipetting syringe. Handles high precision dispensing of a few microliters up to 1000 μL

Total pre-filled reagent cartridge technology

All reagents including magnetic particles are pre-filled into cartridges.
Reagent kits for nucleic acid extraction are compatible with various sample types using a single protocol, cartridge type, and eliminating bottle management.

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Master Tip®

An inexpensive and disposable 96-well pipetting device. By expanding and contracting an elastic part of the Master Tip, liquid can be pipetted at a precision comparable to conventional syringe and plungers without the corresponding complexity, cost and maintenance.

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Amplification/Detection, Analysis

Real-time PCR / Fluorescent detection, Multiplex fluorescent/Chemiluminescence measurement,
Latex agglutination immunonephelometric measurement

BIST® / Detection technology

Signal detection technology for simultaneous analysis of multiple analytes.

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L x L Scanner

6 color fluorescent multi-channel measurement unit.
By aligning fiber pairs in close proximity on a sliding optics module the L x L scanner allows fluorescence measurement of up to 6 colors for 12 samples in a few seconds.

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New Technology

R x F Scanner

A unit capable of detecting several light emission signals with one detector (PMT / Photodiode etc.)
Multiple samples can be scanned simultaneously by rotating the measuring unit at high speed.

New Technology

Bright Dispenser Nozzle

A hybrid dispensing syringe incorporating a detection optical system (fluorescence / chemiluminescence / spectroscopic measurement) for in-tip measuring.

New Technology

ElePhos Tip

Tip for electrophoresis. Integrates capillary tube and electrode body filled with gel in a disposable tip.

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