MagDEA<sup>®</sup> Dx LV

Prefilled Reagent Cartridge for Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid Extractions

MagDEA<sup>®</sup> Dx LV

Product Description

MagDEA® Dx reagents were developed for fully automated nucleic acid systems. The extraction process includes sample lysis, proteinase K digestion, magnetic bead adsorption, washing and elution. The cartridges are pre-filled and sealed with all reagents required for high-quality nucleic acid extraction. Optimized for extractions up to 5 mL total volume.


Magnetic bead chemistry and protocols optimized for many sample types
Individually sealed and ready to use reagents cartridges
Reagents suitable for many sample types
Bar coded enabled for manufacturing and QC tracking
Stable at ambient storage and shipping temperatures


Product Name MagDEA® Dx LV
Principle Magnetic particle method
Samples EDTA, whole blood containing citric acid
Targets genome DNA
Sample volume 5 mL
Elution volume 1 mL
Extraction time Approximately 70 mins

Ordering Information

Reagent Cartridge

Product Name Product Code Units Price Contents
MagDEA® Dx LV E1310 10 tests Contact


Product Name Product Code Units Price Contents
magLEAD® Tip LV Set F7230 30 tests Contact Consumables for magLEAD® 5bL
  • Magtration® and MagDEA® Dx are PSS patented technologies which is applied in more than ten countries including Japan, the United States and Europe.
  • Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
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