LecChip 45-uni

Lectin Microarray for Glycan profiling analysis
For Research Use Only

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Product Description

Lectin microarray is a research reagent in which a group of lectins that specifically recognize glycans are immobilized on a glass slide. By reacting fluorescently labeled glycoproteins on the lectin microarray, alterations in the glycan structure of the measured molecule can be picked up from binding patterns of the glycoproteins to lectins. By using an evanescent wave excited fluorescence scanner, molecules binding lectins can be selectively detected without any washing process. The lectin microarray system is especially effective to detect weak interactions between target molecules and lectins.

LecChip 45-uni内のスポットポジション


Simultaneous detection of both N- and O-glycans; Lectins bearing various glycan tropism distinguish differences in structural glycan features such as terminal structures and branching.
Identify structural isomers (alpha and beta): which is not identifiable in mass spectrometry.
High-sensitivity; For standard purified protein, 0.5~5 ng of protein is sufficient for analysis.
*Depends on the glycosylation status
Simple protocol;
No complex pre-treatment is required and easy preparation such as Cy3 labeling is sufficient for analysis.
No glycan liberation is required; Glycan profiling can be performed using the samples that maintain their functions.
Applicable to a variety of samples;
  • Cells, culture supernatant
  • Exosome
  • Tissue, blood, urine
  • Purified protein
  • Virus, bacteria

How to use

全糖タンパク質の糖鎖を検出する直接法 測定分子の抗体を用いた間接法 (抗体オーバーレイ法)




Product Name LecChip 45-uni
Principle Lectin Microarray for Glycan profiling
Number of lectins per each well 44
Array Layout Position M: 4 spots
Position 1~45: 3 spots each
Array size W25.0 × L75.6 × H2.0 mm
Recommended sample volume 60~100 µL/well

Ordering Information

Product Name LecChip 45-uni
Product Cade E3100
Units 7 tests
Price Contact PSS
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