PSS Automated Technologies: All Process in Tip Technology (APiT®)

n the biotechnology-related business market, where PSS operates, there are research support market and in vitro diagnosis (IVD) market. Each market has the areas of genetic testing and protein testing. By developing innovative technologies suitable for both genetic and protein testing, PSS seeks to offer automated systems to the research support market as well as to IVD market.

PSS is to promote technological development aimed at the establishment of automated systems that enables "rapid, accurate and easy" operation in the IVD market. Based on our core technological concept that we could automate the complicated reaction processes with simplest mechanism, we have realized all the necessary reaction processes in a single pipetting tip by using a pre-packaged reagent cartridge.

We named this technology the APiT® (All Process in Tip Technology).

The APiT® technology consists of these technologies, as shown about the image of concept.
PSS will contribute to people's well being through healthy life by developing and providing original automated system in IVD fields.

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