magLEAD® 5bL

Large Sample Volume Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Product Description

magLEAD® 5bL is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument with a mechanism of separating magnetic beads by Magtration® technology. Although it is a compact bench top system, the simultaneously processing up to 5 samples is possible. Easy operation needs only two steps to start, load pre-filled reagents and samples, and press run. The risk of cross contamination is eliminated by the usage of pre-filled reagents and single use disposables. This extremely robust instrument allows the isolation of nucleic acid within a short period of time with a true walk away technology.

By using disposable bellows tip, cylinder unit is not necessary, making simple and compact automated instrument.


Automated extraction of nucleic acid from large volume(5 mL) sample*
Able to handle large volume(up to 20 mL) with bellows tip
Reagents necessary for extraction are all pre-filled
Simple operation, just place the reagent, consumables and sample
Extraction of human genome DNA from 5mL human whole blood sample including EDTA or citric acid.


Instrument Type Bench top
Dimensions Approximately W450 × D670 × H660 mm
Weight Approximately 40 kg.
Number of samples 1 to 5
Temperature: Heat Block Room temp. to 95 ±3 ℃
Dispensing Liquid Volume 1 to 20 mL
Application Genome DNA extraction from 5 mL whole blood
Functions Internal UV lamp, external bar code reader (Optional)

Ordering Information

Product Name magLEAD® 5bL
Product Code A1150
Units 1
Price Contact

Extraction Kits and Consumables

Extraction Kits

  • MagDEA® Dx LV DNA extraction pre-filled reagent for 5 mL human whole blood

Consumable Kit

Product Name magLEAD® Tip LV Set
Product Code F7230
Units 30 tests
Price Contact
Contents Tip for extraction
  • Magtration® and MagDEA® Dx are PSS patented technologies which is applied in more than ten countries including Japan, the United States and Europe.
  • Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
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Nucleic Acid Extraction System


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