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Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto, Japan

Customer Name Dr. Miki Nagao, Director of Department of Clinical Laboratory
Dr. Yasufumi Matsumura, Vice Director (as of September 2022)
Purpose COVID-19 testing by PCR

ELITe InGenius

Matsudo City General Hospital, Matsudo, Chiba, Japan

Customer Name Hiroyoshi Kitsutaka,
Chief Technologist, Department of Clinical Laboratory, Medical Technology Bureau
Matsudo City General Hospital, Matsudo, Chiba, Japan (as of December 2021)
Sample Nasopharyngeal Swab
Purpose COVID-19 testing by PCR
Comments The ability to perform PCR testing on a large number of people in a short period of time, without having to outsource, has contributed greatly to keeping our normal practice as uninterrupted as possible during the COVID-19 crisis and facilitating the return to normal practice once the epidemic is over.

Magtration® System 6GC

Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition

Customer Name Associate Prof. Hiraoka, Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition (as of January, 2010)
Used Reagents GC series Magtration® Reagent MagDEA® DNA 200 Whole Blood (E7001)
Sample Human Whole Blood
Purpose Gene analysis by PCR
Comments The running cost was reduced by eliminating expenses to subcontractor. The processing time is about 1 hour, in which we can spend for other operations. In addition, it is good for us that the extracted DNA can be used in PCR without concentration adjustment.

(S) University

Customer Name Common laboratory, (S) University
Used Reagents GC series Genomic DNA whole blood (E1010)
Sample Mouse tail, whole blood
Purpose Gene analysis by PCR
Comments As many researchers / students would use the instruments in this collaborative experimental facility, the following points were mainly examined before installation: (1) daily maintenance, (2) easiness of operation, (3) management of reagents and consumables, and (4) extraction efficiency (purity, yield, compatibility with the following step). The instrument was installed about 7 years ago. No need for daily maintenance and easy operation without special training would be significant advantages of this instrument for managing the collaborative experimental facility. In addition, the pre-filled reagents cartridge per sample is very convenient for inventory control.
The most satisfied point is that this instrument has been in operation without significant trouble for almost 7 years since installation.

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Customer Name Dr. Masaru Takagi and Dr. Motoyoshi
Gene Transcription Regulation Research Laboratory, Biological Process Research Division, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (as of November, 2008)
Used Reagents Magtration® Plasmid DNA (E1001)
GC series Genomic DNA whole blood (E1010)
GC series Magtration®-MagaZorb® RNA Common kit (E2004)
Sample E. Coli, Arabidopsis thaliana
Purpose Gene Transfer
Comments When we process 6 to 12 samples extraction, it is speeder to use 6GC than manual operation. Therefore, we can allocate our time much efficiently. In addition, the extracted products showed good reproducibility every time and it is an advantage of installation of automated system.

Magtration® System 12GC/12GC Plus

TechnoSuruga Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Customer Name Mr. Shimomura and Mr. Hisada,
TechnoSuruga Laboratory Co., Ltd. (as of April, 2009)
Used Reagents GC series Genomic DNA whole blood (E1010)
Sample Stool
Purpose Analysis of enterobacterial flora by RFLP analysis method
Comments It has been possible to extract DNAs efficiently from hard cell-wall gram-positive bacteria predominantly present in intestine. While the reagents cost remained almost the same as previous used, the labor cost for extraction were reduced significantly.

magLEAD® 12gC

Rakuno Gakuen University

Customer Name Prof. Yamaguchi, Rakuno Gakuen University
Used Reagents MagDEA® Dx SV
Sample Food materials, Fungus
Purpose Gene analysis by PCR
Comments We use the magLEAD® 12gC for almost all DNA extractions from fungus. The magLEAD® 12gC is a indispensible instrument in our laboratory for DNA extraction of various samples.

magLEAD® 5bL

Medical research institute

Customer Name Medical research institute, USA
Used Reagents MagDEA® Dx LV
Sample Whole blood and bone marrow
Purpose Nucleic acid extraction from whole blood and bone marrow samples.
Most of the extracted DNA is used for evaluation of clonality of T and B cells in leukemia and blood disorders.
Our tests follow the clonal patters of the cell populations during treatment of leukemia patients. Since only a few cells may have the specific cancer markers we need a high input of DNA to ensure we pick these up in our test. The magLEAD® 5bL's ability to extract up to 5mL of whole blood provides us with the necessary input volume and appropriate concentration of clean DNA for our tests.
Comments Our lab has a history of working with PSS and consistently getting great customer service and support. The reagents are reliable and the 5bL instrument's size and throughput serves our purposes well.
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