OEM Product Development and System Customization

PSS laboratory automation that meets your demand

Precision System Science has extensive experience developing customized automation systems and OEM products in the IVD market. PSS offers customers high quality products developed under ISO 13485 guidelines. PSS's internal organization provides excellent customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Consider PSS for your next customized laboratory automation system and OEM project.

OEM record

Since our first OEM partnership in 1996, PSS has worked with over 10 companies forming OEM partnerships and delivering over 20,000 instruments worldwide. PSS's unique technologies, high quality with stable supply supports the success of leading global companies.

Company A: Global leader of sample & assay technologies 4,500 units
Company B: Worldwide pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industry 4,100 units
Company C: World leader in the chemical service industry 1,800 units
Company D: Japan's leader in the healthcare industry 3,000 units

(As of March, 2017)

Past Record of Customized System

PSS has been manufacturing and delivering instruments to clinical laboratories, universities and research institutes in accordance with their customers unique requirements.

Since 2000, we have participated in more than ten outsourced Japanese National Projects and National R&D Projects developing and producing unique instruments.

Automated instrument for sugar chain profiling

Consider PSS for your next OEM product or customized laboratory automation system

From inquiry to delivery

  • 1Hearing of your demand/preference

    PSS professional staffs will hear your demand by telephone, mail or visit.

  • 2Confirmation of your demand and discussion of
    system concept

    PSS will learn the details of your demand; confirm the required specifications; and study the system concept and its overall specification.

  • 3Proposal of development plan (draft)

    PSS will conduct initial risk analysis based on the required specifications, and prepare and propose system concept illustrated by 3D CAD and a draft of the development plan (specifications, prototype/production number, schedule, approximate expense, etc.)

  • 4Discussion for details

    PSS will discuss with you based on the proposed development plan and prepare for finalizing development plan in detail. The process would be a very important process for fulfillment for your demand.

  • 5Proposal of development plan (final)

    The final development plan is submitted, based on the discussions above, and proposed to you.

  • 6Agreement

    When satisfied with individual conditions in development plan, you and PSS will conclude a business trust agreement.

  • 7Product development

    PSS will design an apparatus based on the development plan, according to the PSS's quality control system. As needed, you may be invited to the design review and your opinion will be reflected to the design.

  • 8Design verification (prototype verification)

    PSS will implement design verification and confirmation of required specifications based on the development plan, by using a product prototype or a principle verification machine.

  • 9Manufacturing of the system

    PSS will receive your approvals for manufacturing of the system after your confirmation that the required performance is completely satisfied.

  • 10Validation of the system

    PSS, with your cooperation, will implement the validation test for the manufactured systems to confirm that your demand is satisfied.

  • 11Delivery

    PSS will complete the processes of development plan when it, after validation, delivers all the systems in the number specified in the development plan.

  • 12After-sales service

    As after-sales service for customers, PSS has a Technical Support Department in which our professional engineers are available for direct contact with customer.

    They will provide "prompt and accurate" service when you are in inquiry or trouble.

    In the case of design changes of the customized system or OEM products delivered in the past or upgrade of software version, PSS could meet your request with our professional engineers in the hardware and software groups.

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