MagDEA<sup>®</sup> Dx SV RNA

Total RNA Extraction Reagent with High Usability

MagDEA<sup>®</sup> Dx SV RNA

Product Description

MagDEA® Dx SV RNA is a total RNA extraction reagent developed for PSS' fully automated system.
All reagents required for nucleic acid extraction are pre-filled in a cartridge, and lyophilized DNase I is pre-filled per test in a dedicated tube. Using this kit on PSS' fully automated systems allows simple and user-friendly extraction of high-quality total RNA with high reproducibility at minimal hands-on time. The extracted total RNA is ready for use in standard applications including real-time PCR and RT-PCR.

*MagDEA® Dx SV RNA is a reagent for research use only.


Fully automated total RNA extraction.
DNase I is lyophilized and pre-filled per each test.
For RNA extraction from leukocytes isolated from blood and cultured cells.
All reagents required for total RNA extraction are pre-filled in a cartridge. Reagent preparation is not required.


Product Name MagDEA® Dx SV RNA
Principle Magnetic particle method
Samples Leukocytes isolated from blood, Cultured cells
Targets Total RNA
Sample volume 200 µL
Elution volume 50, 100, 200 µL
Extraction time Approximately 65 minutess

DNase I and tube adapter for installation on the device are additionally required.

DNase I

DNase I

Tube adapter

Tube adapter

Ordering Information

Reagent Cartridge

Product Name Product Code Units Price (tax excluded) Contents
MagDEA® Dx SV RNA E1330 48 tests Please contact us. DNase I is required for use.
DNase I E1331 48 tests Please contact us. Tube adapter is required for use.


Product Name Product Code Units Price (tax excluded) Contents
magLEAD® Consumable Kit F4430 50 tests Please contact us. Consumables for extraction by magLEAD® 6gC / 12gC
  • Magtration® and MagDEA® Dx are PSS patented technologies which is applied in more than ten countries including Japan, the United States and Europe.
  • Magtration® is a registered trademark of Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
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