Bio System Network

An integrator to meet the changing demands of specialized fields

1PSS Bio System Network

Creating user-friendly and open systems for various fields,
based on our refined technology of compact, versatile, and easy-to-maintain systems.

2A world-wide Bio System Network

Our network of interconnected technologies enables us to accurately respond
to the changing demands of specialized fields from all over the world.

A world-wide Bio System Network

3PSS Social Contribution through Bio System Network

We contribute to society through development and sales of automated systems
in various fields of the biotechnology industry that enable innovation of biological information.

The PSS Bio System Network Expertise:

  • Molecular diagnosis
  • Gene polymorphism
  • Infection Disease
  • Human Identification
  • Oncology
  • Animal / Plant
  • Food safety
  • Environmental testing
  • Immunoassay diagnosis
  • Allergy
  • Food Allergen
  • Autoimmune
  • Cancer marker
  • Bacterial typing
  • Biochemical diagnosis
  • Small animal diagnostics
  • Point-of-care
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