Feb 10, 2014

The report of Speech & Exhibition in SLAS 2014


At the SLAS2014 conference, which was held from Jan 18 to 22 in San Diego USA, PSS gave a speech titled: "flexible and fully automated Sample to result PCR system geneLEAD XII plus and geneLEAD I plus" Tetsuya Ueda, Carl Hilliker and Hideji Tajima showed the advantages of a flexible and fully automated sample to result system and in doing so, received feedback and inquiries from worldwide conference attendees who need to automate different molecular diagnostic contents which are under development.

geneLEAD usage is very attractive due to its flexible system which allows contents to be switched out quickly and easily, even though each has its own, exclusive reagent. Eliminating the need for costly, time consuming change overs requiring specially skilled Bio technicians, geneLEAD can be operated by all healthcare professionals in limited space lab environments at the touch of a button.


magLEAD 5bL, which is a low cost & high volume DNA extraction system, was exhibited at PSS booth. We have received many inquiries participants from all over the world, who need to extract large sample volumes (20mL) that are generally not applicable for conventional sample preparation.

SLAS2014 PSS Booth

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