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Jul 28, 2015

ELITech launches its ELITe InGenius (geneLEAD XII, supplied by PSS), a fully automated, sample-to-result system, in September.

Matsudo, Japan and Paris, France, July 28, 2015 - Precision System Science, Co., Ltd (PSS) and ELITech Group Molecular Diagnostics, a leading innovator in PCR technologies and a global solution provider for Molecular Diagnostics, jointly announced the launch of ELITe InGenius system (geneLEAD XII, supplied by PSS) for IVD applications in Europe in September and the upcoming availability of the instrument as Laboratory Use Equipment in the US.

"The launch of the ELITe InGenius system is a major step forward in our strategy to offer global solutions for Molecular Diagnostics. In partnership with PSS, we have taken advantage of decades of development expertise in molecular diagnostics chemistry and our proprietary real-time PCR menu to develop and validate a complete sample-to-result solution for infectious disease testing" said Christoph Gauer, CEO of ELITech Group.

ELITe InGenius automatically performs all the steps of molecular diagnostics including extraction, amplification and result analysis. 1 to 12 samples can be processed with greater flexibility offering the possibility to potentially mix any kind of sample matrices within the same run and perform multiple and independent PCR even with completely diverse thermal profiles simply on demand. In addition, each of the 12 real-time PCR thermal cyclers is equipped with 6-optical channels, supplemented when appropriate with melt-curve analysis to provide extended multiplexing capability. The system is enabled with a unique real-time PCR menu based on ELITechGroup's proven MGB technology, providing a rapid introduction of CE-IVD infectious disease menu for transplant monitoring and Healthcare Acquired Infections. PSS would market the versatile system as an open platform in the fields of molecular biology research, such as, oncology, genetic disease, food testing, etc.

"The ELITe InGenius is a real breakthrough for molecular diagnostics. It combines unique capabilities not available on other sample-to-result systems, like universal extraction, storage of extracted nucleic acid and multiple and independently controlled RT PCR with multiplexing capabilities, offering to the laboratory an unprecedented flexibility and assay menu possibility" said Christoph Gauer.

"Our geneLEAD XII system, which is the culmination of all technologies and expertise that PSS has acquired, would provide new opportunity of further expansion of business field to our company, who just passed 30th anniversary on July 17, 2015. PSS seeks to contribute society through promoting wider use of genetic information by providing fully automated system, which can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone. We at PSS hope geneLEADXII would result in break-through achievements in the genetic diagnostics and clinical research areas where practical use of genetic information has been limited" said Hideji Tajima, president of PSS.

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The ELITech Group is a privately held group of worldwide manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents. By bringing together IVD specialty companies that offer innovative products and solutions, ELITechGroup has become a major contributor in advancing clinical diagnostics to laboratories in the proximity market, those operating closer to the patient. The ELITechGroup manufactures and distributes diagnostic products for clinical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology though direct sales and a distribution network encompassing more than 100 countries.

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Press Releases
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